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Posted by trollingtroll on 2006.07.28 at 22:38
id love to meet all you trolls

Coal & Amethyst

Amber Caves

Posted by winx_trollz on 2006.06.24 at 03:12
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Good News Trollz! The Amber Caves are now up!

I hope you Trollz have fun with the new Quest!

Cheer Leader Trollz
Posted by winx_trollz on 2006.06.24 at 02:52
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Current Music: Mean Girls!
I made the Trix as Trollz! For some mite not kown the trix. The Trix are the 3 sister witches of Winx Club.

Pretty Trollund 58518
is Icy.

Stone Trollund 40198
is Stormy.

Shadow Trollund 94222
is Darcy.

just go on http://www.trollz.com and you can see them there! if you don't have a troll you can make your own! if you don't want to keep your troll you can delete it!

i made one!

Posted by mom_of_chucky on 2006.06.05 at 17:35
Current Mood: artisticartistic
hey. i made a troll. slate moontroll 96561. spell if you dare.

Winx & Trollz

Welcome to Meet_Trollz

Posted by winx_trollz on 2006.06.04 at 19:49
Current Mood: hyperhyper
Current Music: "It's a Hair Thing" Trollz theme song

Welcome to Meet_Trollz!

Here you can meet other trollz that are on http://www.trollz.com

My Troll is Spike Trollden 60900 feel free to spell me!

I made this site so we can me other troll that are on trollz.com and talk about the games styles and more! So have fun!